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We are CIM & Products Inc. USA Educated, USA Dedicated, USA Proud.

Welcome to the home of your partner in Concurrent Engineering. We will transform your design into a robust improvement giving you a competitive edge over your existing wire harness/over-molding source.

CIM solves the manufacturing of products targeting robust designs scaled to minimize cost to do our part in strengthening the position of products produced in the USA. We offer Quality that is legacy to the USA, and no issues of the off shore distance, exceptions in Quality, and inherent pipeline interruptions.

CIM & Products Inc. is an engineering based Company, specializing in producing power cords, harnesses, control panels, and electro-mechanical assemblies. We have extensive background in the design and build of special machines and construct special machines to increase the value add of an assembly or a customer design.

The typical approach is to streamline the manufacture of a part for a customer in a way which first gives the customer a value added edge over their competitors, and secondly provides a part at a cost which typical competitors would not be able to obtain due to the value added mechanization or automation we offer.

As an example, we have a lights out wire cut and strip cell which produces cut, stripped, marked and double end terminated wire for harnesses. The cell has a control which identifies all the parameters for each wire we make. The wire processes through the cell per print with all the identifiers specific to its part number ID. This type of automation is similar to FMS (flexible machining system), typical of the High Tech Machining Industry.

Another example is our Cord Molding Cell. We offer single piece flow through the cell, reducing transfer cost found in most competitors plants.

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